Rail Procurement RoadShow - Manchester

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Answers to your most frequently asked questions

What format do the sessions take?

The conference comprises of sessions, each on a theme.

After presentations in each session, a Q&A session starts where delegates can pose questions to all speakers of that session.

The afternoon session is a workshop led by Bid Management International 

I haven't received my tickets, what should I do?

Details of registration will be emailed the day before the event. No ticket is required, as you're already registered. If you have any further questions please email 

events@rail-media.com or call the team on 01530 816 456.

Can I present?

Please get in touch with Rail Media's Events Manager, Kate Glenn outlining what you would like to speak about. Your presentation needs to fit within our themes and be interesting or thought provoking for the delegates.

Can I demonstrate my products?

We have very limited space available, so please contact Rail Media's Event Sales Executive, Gina Page outlining what you would like to demonstrate.