Rail Procurement RoadShow - November - London

Rail Procurement Roadshow

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Do you have what it takes to win?

Suppliers are the lifeblood of the rail industry, delivering innovative solutions to the complex challenges faced by infrastructure managers and train operators.

New for 2018, the Rail Procurement Roadshow aims to bring the supply chain together with its buyers to improve the way the industry does business.

The roadshow will include presentations from expert speakers and workshops to help delegates enhance their knowledge of the procurement process and get their tender submissions fighting fit.

The Rail Procurement Roadshow not only aims to help you find more business, but win it!

The event will take place on Thursday, November 22 at Bird & Bird, London.

CPD Certified Event


The schedule for the next Rail RoadShow event


Welcome to the Procurement Roadshow

John Drake, Chief Commercial Counsel, Bird & Bird LLP


How the landscape is changing & the opportunities it brings

Stephen Jones, Director, Nichols Group Ltd


CP6 and growing the supply chain

Joanna Dunn, Head of Procurement (IP), Network Rail


Collaboration in procurement; How to work better together

Paul Greenwood, Associate Director, ICW


Engaging with the government

Peter Loosley, Policy Director, Railway Industry Association (RIA)


Introduction to Public Procurement

Bird and BIrd, Bird & Bird LLP


Preparing to win – building a solid win base

ShineBid Services, ShineBid Services


So the docs have landed – now what?

Bird and BIrd, Bird & Bird LLP


Arriving at a winning strategy

ShineBid Services, ShineBid Services


Producing a Winning bid

Bird and BIrd, Bird & Bird LLP